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Sudeep wrote me, “I need some help to update a slide containing a map with certain districts.

I have the monthly sales turnover for these districts.

VBA-JSON is an excellent library for parsing JSON in VBA. to parse JSON string into a dictionary object which can be used to extract data. I’m using fake data from which is an API service with fake Json data.

We’ll be pulling user data from by making a GET request which responds with Json data.

JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is the most used data exchange format nowadays.

Microsoft Excel doesn’t have built-in support for importing JSON to excel or exporting excel data to JSON.

So you want to link the table or graph in Excel to your Power Point slide.

You probably arrived at this page because you are a business professional who has to present regularly to management or executives on analysis you have done in Excel.

You don’t want to have to retype a table of numbers or recreate a graph in Power Point.

For example, if you wanted to reference cell A1 on a worksheet named July Budget, its cell reference would be 'July Budget'! In our example below, we'll refer to a cell with a calculated value between two worksheets.

This will allow us to use the exact same value on two different worksheets without rewriting the formula or copying data between worksheets.


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