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Recently I noticed that my Windows 8.1 clients were not getting updates from WSUS 3.2.After some searching I found it was an issue with HTTPS and the solution was to disable HTTPS or enable TLS.Installing your Entrust SSL/TLS Certificate on Microsoft Forefront TMGIn order to import your certificate to a TMG server, the certificate and private key must first be exported from the server where it was first installed.The certificate is now correctly installed in Microsoft Forefront TMG. The TMG Server might have to be restarted for changes to be updated.If you run into certificate errors, try repairing your certificate trust errors using Digi Cert® Certificate Utility for Windows. If the website is publicly available, our Digi Cert® SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool can assist you in diagnosing common problems.If you experience certificate errors, try repairing certificate trust errors with Digi Cert® Certificate Utility for Windows.

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My SCCM server deploys the client fine but it is version 2.1 and normally the client and definition updates come from WSUS with the latest client version being 4.5.

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Then, you can use Forefront TMG Management to create a new Web Listener (or update an existing one) and configure it to use the new certificate.

Because every environment is different (for example your settings may be configured differently), you may need to consult your Microsoft Forefront TMG documentation.


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    Most recently Google Chrome Browser has stopped supporting NPAPI which is needed for Digi Chat to run.