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"Adults, when they think of teen sexual culture, they see little more than a blur of bare midriffs," Albert said.Ever since the Film Classification Board slapped new flick Diary of a Teenage Girl with an ironic 18 rating - prohibiting most teenagers from seeing it in the cinema - critics and viewers have rushed to laud its brutally honest representation of youth sexuality.Our culture still sees that there are issues of right and wrong, but it usually restricts those categories to the issue of consent (and culture is right that anything without consent is wrong).

The study measured sexual activity, defined as vaginal intercourse between a female and a male, by teens aged 15 to 19 from 2011 to 2015.

I watched the film in utter glee, thinking the whole time how much I hoped that girls across the country would watch badly pirated copies on their laptops.

You see they need to be exposed to its glorious message: female teens are painfully, burningly and aggressively horny.

, I talk to both child and parents about what walking in light of the gospel means for addressing sexual failure.

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