Internet dating economics

We all know that online dating has become a more and more realistic way of meeting somebody over recent years.A study of couples who were married between 20 showed that about one-third of them had met online, and about half of that one-third had used an online dating site, so roughly 16% of couples met online. According to Oyer, you can see everything from why executives "sugarcoat" their company's situations to why qualified candidates remain jobless, reflected in the world of online dating. Hey, it worked for him: Ultimately Oyer met his match online.

The amount of time a couple who met offline spends dating is over twice as long as a couple who met online does before getting married.

On average, offline couples spend 42 months dating before walking down the aisle, whereas those who met online spend 18.5 months before they hear wedding bells.

The analysts at Converg Ex Group estimated that dating couples go out together once a week on average.

Strayed and Almond mentioned that they’ve recently gotten a steady stream of similar letters from unhappy single women who argue that “all the emotionally available men are spokenfor.” Listening to the show, it sounded at first like your typical advice-column stuff, and like some of those fears must be overblown.

But that’s when Strayed and Almond brought in Stanford economics professor Paul Oyer, whose 2014 book Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Economics I Learned From Online Dating chronicled his return to the dating scene as a single, 50-year-old man, which he came to understand as being much like the markets he’d spent a career studying.


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