Feminism theory and interracial dating Chatsex random

Nash's work focuses on black feminism, black sexual politics, race and visual culture, and race and law. Nash's current book project, Black Feminism Remixed, examines the complex relationship between black feminism and women's studies.

The latter makes me feel nothing as I don't believe it's my responsibility to police anybody's dating decisions. It isn't whether or not I have or would ever date somebody outside of my race or within my race that is of main concern.

I'm convinced that Black women are the most questioned when it comes to interracial dating.

Interracial dating is a topic that comes up more than I care to talk about it.

The project focuses on two sites which mark black feminism’s paradoxical relationship with women’s studies: pleasure and intersectionality.

Women’s studies scholarship often treats black feminism’s relationship to pleasure as antiquated because black feminists are thought to be invested in respectability, and in shielding the black female body from scrutiny, rather than in the imagined freedoms of sexual expression, performance, and play.


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