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But there are steps you can take to limit the amount of spam email you receive.

Remember above all, if you find that your Junk Folder is capturing spam each day, that's good news!

Dating Email Lists category is an excellent way to pinpoint a targeted demographic of adults and get only what you need!

All lists are yours to keep and are delivered to your email address for download.

To prevent yet more spam messages flooding your account, treat the messages you're already receiving with care.

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If you find your email flooded with a sudden burst of spam messages, it's worth taking some extra security precautions.

Using your email system's spam filtering and alert tools, mark the suspicious messages as Junk or as Phishing (scam) emails.

This should alert your email provider to filter out similar emails or emails from the same sender, or warn that a friend's email has been spoofed or hacked.

If you suffer a deluge of spam, or find that you're sending spam email yourself, change your email password as a top priority.


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