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What happened next is too sickening for mere words …[A] neighbor states that the Syrian boys stripped the girl naked, raped her, and urinated on her body and in her mouth.

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I don't want ISIS to get control of any European countries'Crack-shot: Joanna has revealed sensational details of her life as a sniper with the Syrian People's Protection Units, the YPG last summer, pictured above, telling Mail Online: 'I like using my brain and my body to focus on the mission'Joanna also admitted for the first time to Mail Online how she broke strict anti-terror laws to return to Syria last summer.

A 13-year-old girl has been shot dead by Isis snipers as she tried to flee a besieged refugee camp in Syria, Palestinian militants have claimed.

The child, named as Zaynab Daghastani, was reportedly killed on Tuesday outside her home in Yarmouk, which was overrun by Isis at the end of last month.

Although they’ve done well not to give any hint of who the perpetrators are, why they’re being investigated, or who the victim is, a neighbor has broken the silence out of pure indignance over the authorities’ handling of the case.

The boys are ages 13, 10, and 8, and are Syrian refugee children from 2 families resettled in the apartments.


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