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Cartagena is a Spanish city in the province of Murcia.

It is a good commercial port as well as an industrial and tourist centre.

Cartagena remains an important port city and naval base at the crossroads of culture.

A visit to this part of the coast of Spain offers so much to discover, both on and off the beach.

A dash of child-like pirates-and-lost treasures fantasy treat evokes a Disney-safe wholesome family entertainment marina-getaway.

Cartagena, on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, has long attracted attention.

Today, its sunny days, sandy shores and modernist architecture still draw considerable interest.

In the sun-dappled Murcia region of southeastern Spain, Cartagena -- a naturally deep and sheltered Mediterranean port surrounded by five hills -- has long been coveted as a trading center and seafarers’ game-changer. C., when Carthaginians first set foot on its shore, this strategically located harbor has unfurled a culturally rich and historically tumultuous tapestry.

Cartagena has been governed by Romans (Hannibal, with his army and elephants, stopped there on their military march across the Alps to Rome), ruled by Arabs and re-conquered in the 13th century by Ferdinand III for his Kingdom of Castile.


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