Arap fuck withe chating

After Apple-FBI spat over privacy, Whats App rolled out their encryption module.

After Whats App rolled out the voice calling, they are now enabling video calls too.

It was pretty funny.”Ms Crockett, who has a boyfriend, described the situation as "totally crazy and unfair" but that she did not feel responsible as she had "no control over it".

This was not your usual flirty online chat, nothing explicit or even suggestive here.Videos of the pair communicating with one another and dancing to each other were then uploaded onto You Tube where they gained thousands of followers.The language barrier between the pair was apparent but interaction between them was a hit with viewers.While local calls are almost free, inter-city and international calls are pretty expensive. However, chat applications solved this issue by allowing users to communicate with people overseas using the internet route.Since the internet is cheaper, people now use the online medium for messaging and calls, including video.Riyadh spokesman Colonel Fawaz Al-Mayman said the 19-year-old was arrested for his "unethical behaviour".


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